Neeo Cryptocurrency announcement

Neeo App company initiates a development of our cryptocurrency based on a quantum technology and very soon there will be a launch of Neeo Crypto - a high-security and torch-resistant cryptocurrency.

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NEEO Platform

NEEO Platform - is an ecosystem, which consists of different applications: from a messenger with integrated multilingual translator to entertaining games. Blockchain mechanisms underlying all NEEO Apps provide data security and sustainability towards malicious attacks. They accelerate business processes by increasing consumer confidence towards the platform.

Despite the clear purpose of every application they have one thing in common - users of each one can earn money through it or even have a regular income there. In consideration of blockchain technologies as a base of our applications users can earn easily and safely.

Uniqueness of the Neeo Crypto project

According to certain researches the probability of creating a quantum computer in the nearest future remains high. It would differ from all modern computers by its main features such as increased capacity and instant calculations. Regarding these features the possibility of hacking a modern encryption mechanism, which is implemented everywhere, for instance, in banking, becomes viable and easy. It would significantly increase the risk of possessing the funds - both fiat money and cryptocurrency - because you can be hacked and your money can be stolen. Most of cryptocurrencies and financial sector in general (for example - bank transfers) may disappear soon. That is exactly the main reason to develop new methods of protecting information right away. If the global financial system collapsed - Neeo cryptocurrency would be sure to function and be stable.

Usage of Neeo Crypto

You will be able to use it on a specially designed portal called Neeo Sale & Buy. This service is still being under development, but soon, arter the official launch of the project, the portal will operate using Neeo Crypto, which assures complete safety of every sale and buy transaction.

Neeo Crypto launch

Our cryptocurrency will be available in a couple of months - the official launch date is June, 30 . We strongly advise you to remember this date and mark it in your calendar, because the project is totally innovative and hopeful.

You can check out our website to learn more about our projects and to be aware of the latest news: https://neeopal. com/blog/

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